Brewed Expressions, Brewing Success

Small towns are known for their institutions as much as they themselves are an American institution. In that respect Brewed Expressions in Van Wert Ohio is very much a town institution. Brewed Expressions has become so much of a vital staple in Van Wert that they’re already expanding operations a little over a year after opening for business. While the original Brewed Expressions is a drive thru in June they will be opening the first Brewed Expressions Café.

Brewed Expressions


Brewed expressions can only be described as a unique and adorable coffee “hut” and the people of Van Wert have definitely come to see it that way. Opened in January 2014, Brewed Expressions offers gourmet, handmade lattes, gourmet frappes, brewed coffee, homemade baked goods, breakfast, and much more. Not a coffee lover? There’s something for you too! View the online menu or call for details!

And the reviews you can find on Yelp and Trip Advisor of Brewed Expressions reflect that statement perfectly.

“Affordable coffee, good selection, friendly fast staff!!! She even threw away our crappy undrinkable mochas we got down the street at McD,” says Dana D. on Yelp.

Brewed Expressions Yelp


“This is the only place left in Van Wert that makes lattes, espressos, fancy coffees. They also sell locally made cookies from Flour loves Sugar. Right on 127 beside the Shell gas station. Very good,” Wanderer Ohio adds on Trip Advisor.

Brewed Expressions Trip Advisor


A coffee shop needs more than great coffee to be a smash hit however, it needs a great point of sale system to further enhance the customer experience. Brewed Expressions found it’s point of sale solution with Café Cartel Systems.

In fact Brewed Expressions feels the same about CCS as it’s customers and reviewers feel about it. They’ve been so impressed with CCS’ software and service that they’ve recommended the point of sale leader to other cafés in the area.

Clearly Brewed Expressions is brewing it’s own success with the help of CCS point of sale.

However, in spite of this success a tragedy has struck Brewed Expressions and their family. A barista by the name of Fawn was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. To learn more or help out go to

Best Coffee Shop Point of Sale



How To Use Yelp For Your Business

Build Credibility:

Yelp is where people go for reviews and testimonials. It is the virtual word of mouth, therefore it is important that you have a profile and have written reviews. Also when you create a profile it helps to keep it consistent with your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Youtube. You can link to your other profiles or if you have a blog under interests.

The best way to gain credibility is to create content that is of value to your readers. When reviewing it is important to be honest and fair, think Switzerland in that you want to remain neutral when giving your opinion. In other words, not overly negative or overly positive, because either one can come to back to bite you in the you know what.

Be sure to notify the businesses you review to make sure they see the review. You want a response, especially if they are a possible client.

Create Your Business Profile:

One you have your profile well on it’s way you can create you business profile and attach it to you personal profile. Attaching your business account to you credible personal profile will in turn give your business account credibility. Once you have this set up, stay on-top of your accounts by keeping track of an responding to reviews.

Tips for Utilizing Yelp

Yelp has been a great place to post your discounts and announcements because they will send it out in an email news blast to their users every week. By posting you also have the opportunity of being on the Yelp site itself depending on area, which means free local advertising.

It is important to build you network and ask for reviews from your clients, the bigger you network the more visible you are and when you get a review you on yelp your business will gain higher priority on the search engines.

To build your network you can do the following:

  • Create Yelp Events
  • Check-in using the Yelp app on your iPhone
  • Link your business account to all your social media profiles; especially Facebook and Twitter

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