2 Simple Reasons why Not to upgrade to Windows 10 Now

Almost everyone using Windows at this point has seen the little upgrade button for Windows 10. It’s offered for free, it’s new, it’s exciting. Why not agree and download? Will it not be free and you miss out if you don’t accept now? Well there are somethings to consider before you jump ship on your tried and true installation of Windows. Here are the two simple unmistakable reasons not to switch:


1. Wait for everyone else. Why put yourself through an update for a brand new system when other people can find out the problems first.

2. Your upgrade may be a downgrade. The upgrade to Windows 10 may not be the same level of Windows you have. If you have Professional, or Ultimate versions of Windows, basically anything above the Home Version, you will be downgraded. This may have important consequences you won’t realize until after the change.

Butcher Shop Set Up For Success

butchershopButcher Shops are back in business!

The early small butcher shops were taken over my big box stores, but now customers are realizing the quality of shopping from a traditional butcher shop.

With the enthusiasm of local farm food, ethical and sustainable animal treatment and high quality food- butcher shops are on the rise to satisfy these rising customers.  Let’s discuss the key points on making your butcher business successful in this growing industry.


  • Quality. The benefits of running a small shop with just one product focus is that you are able to have control over the quality of the meat. Customers are coming to you with high expectations of fresh meat and top produce that they will not always find at supermarkets.
  • Relationships. These small shops differentiate themselves as a specialty store where customers get individual attention. The relationship between the workers and customer is exquisite with customer recognition, assistance/advice, social involvement all while providing friendly service.
  • Customization. Since the customers are local residents, butcher shops should be encouraging to making personal orders and fulfill family requests. From preparation for providing meat for a party, teaching customers how to cook special meat best or even selling certain items in advance from requests all adds to exceptional customer service that only small businesses are capable of achieving.


Shop Management and Efficiency:

Use a point of sale system to keep track of inventory for business to run smoothly.

  • manages item transfers from the butcher to the cashier

– won’t have to print out separate tickets of barcodes

  • manages all types of pre-packaged items that are in the store
  • shows products sold and which meat inventory is low and needs restocking
  • allows you to develop an effective system where you know how much of what you need

– will help your displays be filled with the freshest produce at all times

  • manages employee and administrative tasks
  • keeps inventory recipes on the system for portion control


For more benefits see the Best Butcher Shop POS Software


Managing Theft at a Convenience Store

The secret recipe for a successful convenience store is to maintain “security” and “control”. Convenience stores deal with many scenarios of external and internal theft. External theft of robberies trying to take cash or products and internal of employees not following their obligatory duties.  Many stores are adapting a new system as a way to solve both problems simultaneously:

Cafe Cartel’s POS Surveillance System.



– limits available inventory (minimal theft loss and less temptation)

– the combined POS system matches purchases with camera

– simple and economical integration of both POS system and surveillance

– manages all administrative purposes to be accurate

– installed alert system keeps everything up-to-date for strict control

– promotes integrity in the workplaces


The Point of Sale System and the Surveillance feature provides a simple and economical integration to get you started right away. This is a powerful method to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the age-old problem of convenience stores.


Employee Scenarios:

– give a discounted price to customers that are their friends

– clocking out for other employees

– taking inventory for themselves

– not ID or scan a customer for age (alcohol and tobacco sales)


  • The system can be accessed through Android/iPhone streaming, has a built in DVR to use as a reference and comes with a high quality camera so that no misconduct goes unnoticed.

Cafe Cartel’s Point of Sale with integrated security system will alert you to these scenarios to prevent it from continuing.


Running a convenience store has been a huge risk and a stressful business for owners. Do not allow your business to suffer from theft and violations anymore and enjoy your earnings with this efficient POS surveillance integration.


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New Years Resolution Promotions for your Juice Bar

New Years resolution season is a great opportunity to promote your juice bar or smoothie shop. The number one resolution that people set for themselves in the new year is to get in shape and eat better. This is a great opportunity to give your customers the tools they need to succeed and achieve their fitness goals.

Great Ways to Promote your Smoothie Shop During New Years

Loyalty Programs

Consider starting a loyalty program for your customers. This not only generates excitement about your juice bar but encourages customers to come back to your business. Gaining rewards points everyday is a friendly reminder that your customers are sticking to their new years resolution which makes them feel good.

Buy 10 get-one-free

You might remember this loyalty program run on punch cards. The problem with this is customers often forget, lose or you run out the little gridded cards. You can now use your smoothie shop pos system  to keep track of your customer’s purchases.

Mile Stone Loyalty

Using milestone loyalty you’re able to set up an exciting incentive program. As customers build value they can work towards new discounts. A great way to get customers to buy in larger quantities.

Loyalty Points

This is the simplest loyalty programs to implement. Points are earned with purchases, say each dollar equals one point. Their current point value is printed at the bottom of each coupon and redeemed at the customer’s choice.

New Years Resolution Promotions

Encourage customers to get registered with your juice bar for their new years resolution. If you have a juice club for retail sales a great way to generate interest is to offer promotional new years membership. This is a great way to give customers the option to start their new year off right with juice!

Contests & Resolutions

Another great way to promote your smoothie shop is to actually get customers and employees alike to make New Year’s resolutions in your business. Committing on paper is a good way to get people talking and spread that word of mouth on social media. Displaying them in your juice shop builds community and helps remind people of their resolutions.

Best Point of Sale for Juice Bars


Update Your Point of Sale

Hugs and Yogurt upgrade with the Flux Tablet POS

Hugs and Yogurt is located in the Concord Mall of Wilmingtion DE. They are known for a great place to stop and get a healthy treat, whether it be some delicious self-serve frozen yogurt or specialty tea. They enjoy providing distinct and refreshing flavors as well as giving their regular customers a little something extra with their customer loyalty program.

hugs and yogurt, ipad, pos, point of sale, affordable, best, frozen yogurt, tablet

They were in the market to upgrade their point of sale hardware for something sleek, user friendly and saves counter space. Cafe Cartel met their needs with the Flux Tablet POS.

hugs and yogurt, ipad, pos, point of sale, affordable, best, frozen yogurt, tablet

The Flux Tablet offers clear resolution and navigate seamlessly on this 12.1 inch tablet. This durable display is built with ultra-tough yet ultra-thin Gorilla Glass for excellent protection from drops and damage. The Tablet also comes with a complimentary bluetooth keyboard and digitizer pen that are easy to store away and perfect for point-of-sale software set-up ease.

The owner of Hugs and Yogurt was very pleased with the how fast and easy the set up was. With Cafe Cartel’s yogurt shop software the integration to the scale and printer was a breeze.

Click Here for More Information on Flux Tablet Packages

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