Brewed Expressions, Brewing Success

Small towns are known for their institutions as much as they themselves are an American institution. In that respect Brewed Expressions in Van Wert Ohio is very much a town institution. Brewed Expressions has become so much of a vital staple in Van Wert that they’re already expanding operations a little over a year after opening for business. While the original Brewed Expressions is a drive thru in June they will be opening the first Brewed Expressions Café.

Brewed Expressions


Brewed expressions can only be described as a unique and adorable coffee “hut” and the people of Van Wert have definitely come to see it that way. Opened in January 2014, Brewed Expressions offers gourmet, handmade lattes, gourmet frappes, brewed coffee, homemade baked goods, breakfast, and much more. Not a coffee lover? There’s something for you too! View the online menu or call for details!

And the reviews you can find on Yelp and Trip Advisor of Brewed Expressions reflect that statement perfectly.

“Affordable coffee, good selection, friendly fast staff!!! She even threw away our crappy undrinkable mochas we got down the street at McD,” says Dana D. on Yelp.

Brewed Expressions Yelp


“This is the only place left in Van Wert that makes lattes, espressos, fancy coffees. They also sell locally made cookies from Flour loves Sugar. Right on 127 beside the Shell gas station. Very good,” Wanderer Ohio adds on Trip Advisor.

Brewed Expressions Trip Advisor


A coffee shop needs more than great coffee to be a smash hit however, it needs a great point of sale system to further enhance the customer experience. Brewed Expressions found it’s point of sale solution with Café Cartel Systems.

In fact Brewed Expressions feels the same about CCS as it’s customers and reviewers feel about it. They’ve been so impressed with CCS’ software and service that they’ve recommended the point of sale leader to other cafés in the area.

Clearly Brewed Expressions is brewing it’s own success with the help of CCS point of sale.

However, in spite of this success a tragedy has struck Brewed Expressions and their family. A barista by the name of Fawn was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. To learn more or help out go to

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Diversifying Your Business

Stand Out and Increase Your Revenue

For many business owners, competition can be steep because there is another coffee shop of frozen yogurt shop right down the street that offers similar products and services. So how can you stand out and make your store the one everyone wants to go to?

There are many ways to make your shop stand out, from pricing to products & services to customer experience. Today we are focusing on getting creative with products offered. It is important to look at your target market and key demographic first to figure out what is in demand or what is not being currently offered that people would like.

Next ask yourself what type of business you want; restaurant, retail, hospitality etc…

Now don’t go overboard and try to re-invent the wheel. These exercises are mainly an opportunity to brainstorm and get creative. Many successful business owners know that these days there is probably already a similar business out there, so the real question is “how can I give my business a twist?”

One good way is to offer something that is foreign or you can’t get just anywhere. Or maybe an interesting combination; I have seen sushi and tapas in one restaurant and they do very well with their variety of tiny food.

Here are a few businesses that have been successful in being unique.

Duke of Bourbon

duke of bourban, best, pos, point of sale, system, affordable, small business, liquor store, inventory

Duke of Bourbon was established in the west San Fernando Valley area of Canoga Park in 1967 by David and Judy Breitstein. As a family-operated retail wine and spirits enterprise, its modest and nondescript outside appearance in a suburban strip mall is misleading. Upon entering, the extensive collection of unique and rare wine in eye-catching displays suggests that this is not your mainstream wine boutique.

They take pride in their ability to find many superb wines of limited production that have great appeal for discriminating wine enthusiasts and collectors. Many specialty wineries seek them out, in fact, because they want to be among the elite that “gather at the Duke.” The Duke of Bourbon is in the know of today’s collector market and are dedicated to providing consumers with the broadest possible rare wine selection.

Cafe Tourane

Cafe Tourane is not your ordinary cafe. Located in Garden Grove CA, this cafe specializes in organic coffee. The get their fresh beans locally, and with one sip you will see why they boast about their roast. The coffee is often described as fresh and clean and full of flavor. Their signature cup of coffee, the Cafe Tourane, is hardy and bold with a caramel-ish flavor that makes it delicious hot or cold.

People came come in for the coffee, but stick around for the beignets. Ever heard of them? They are a bit foreign to the west coast, as they are originally from France and are commonly found in the south in cities such as New Orleans.

cafe tourane, cafe, coffee shop, pos, point of sale, system, best, affordable, inventory

So what are they? They are basically a french doughnut. They are small pieces of dough that are fried to perfection so that they are the perfect combination of fluffy and crispy. They are served in batches of six and covered with powdered sugar for just the right amount of sweet.

Mambo Grill

mambo grill, tapas, pos, point of sale, system, best, affordable, restaurant

Mambo Grill serves up authentic Cuban food that are family recipes. This example is great because these owners took something that they are good at and opened somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of Cuban restaurants. In Southern California there are plenty of Mexican restaurants but not a lot of Cuban.

They Diversify with creative combinations of spices and sauces and have a continuously changing tapas menu with new and interesting recipes. The tapas are a great example of giving you product a twist. Spanish tapas are very popular right now but Cuban Tapas sound even more appetizing.

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Increase Profits with Complimentary Concepts

Combining complimentary concepts can increase your profits by adding more value to your business offerings. Its the same strategy that Target Stores are using as they are adding a grocery section to their stores. But lets dial it down to some smaller businesses that may have a more unique combination.


Today we are looking at Scarsdale Yoga Studios (SYS), located in Scarsdale, NY this yoga studio opened their doors in April 2012. In addition to being a beautiful studio to practice yoga they also have a café, which as you can see looks like a serene spot to lounge and have a healthy, rejuvenating meal after a revitalizing yoga class.

scarsdale yoga studio, pos, point of sale, best, affordable, cafe


The purpose of the café is based around the concepts and mission of the studio. Their menu of food and beverages is primarily organic and is all made based on seasonal produce that comes directly from the farm to the kitchen. They have created a holistic atmosphere and built every aspect of their business to reflect that ideology. Everything from the ambiance to the furniture to the staff and of course food encourages healthy living.

Demographic Strategy

Scarsdale is an upscale area in the southern part of the state of New York, just north of Manhattan. Majority of the population of Scarsdale’s average age is in their early 40s, which is widely known to be the average age of those who practice yoga. Makes for a pretty savvy location for an upscale yoga studio!

Café Cartel Systems is proud to represent Scarsdale Yoga Studio, they have been using the Altera 3400S and are very pleased with the user friendly Point of Sale System.

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Offline Payment Processing – Best Small Business Solutions!

Offline Payment Processing is your business solution to internet failure and power outages.

Cafe Central, located in Honolulu, HI, opened their doors in November of 2011. They pride themselves in being purveyors in the art of coffee making. They offer delicious foods from pastries to sandwiches and provide, delivery, take out, catering as well as dine -in service. With business increasing they don’t have time to stop for a power outage or internet failure due to a tropical storm.

Cafe, coffee shop, point of sale, POS

That is why they opted for Cafe Cartel’s integrated offline payment plan. Cafe Cartel integrates with Mercury Payments to keep you connected and process payment in real time.

How many times has your point of sale terminal(s) gone offline, and to make it worse, it goes offline during your busiest time of the day? Don’t let an unforeseen set back get in the way of conducting your business.

With the internet and power outages that have been occurring so often many of our customers have opted for our Offline Payment Plan. They know that debit and credit are a popular and preferred method of payment.
With a simple phone line they never miss a beat or a sales opportunity!

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