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How to Get Ahead of Vape Store Competitors

 eJuice1Taste the Rainbow, I mean E Juice


There is a strong following for vape products and flavors, but there is even a bigger market size of people that are on the rise to join in. Since vaping in general is a product of from this decade, customers are not as familiar or have not been able to test out different flavors on the market. Likewise, there number of e juices are constantly increasing from different flavors and brands. This is great opportunity for your vape shop to seize customers by offering in-store tastings.


Customers will enjoy the interactive environment of talking about their vape experiences and trying new ones. Also, you can promote certain flavors and brands that are new or popular. Customers will appreciate the ability to try products, and in return will be more inclined to buying a flavor after they have enjoyed the tastings.


By setting up this service, it turns new customers into likely returning ones. Customers will have incentive to come back to try other flavors or to continue purchasing the one they enjoyed.


Tips for Setting Up Tastings:


In order for this to be a success, people need to know of your service.   Use your social media platforms to touch base with your customers about this availability. Also use these sources to keep customers updated on the new flavors that are available for tasting.


Set-up your bar and lounge to have enough space. You do not want customers bumping into one another and instead allow them to enjoy the flavors.  Also, the customer service must be on point. This means the seller must be very friendly and attentive to each specific customer. Observing people is important, some will like to engage in a conversation while other would rather be left alone to decide what they like and want for themselves.


Of course this is a major concern for mouth tasting products. Here you have two options to use. First, you can encourage customers to bring in their own mouthpiece- which customers will prefer as well. If customers are not equipped with a mouthpiece, this can also be a source of vapor product sales where you customers can purchase one on the spot. The second alternative is to have pipewipes that are cheap disposable cleaning cloths to wipe down and disinfect the mouthpiece. This is not the recommended source, but should be readily available- especially first time customers or vape users.


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