New Features on the Facebook Business Page Update


You have One Notification:

“Facebook Business Page has a New Update!”


Facebook is a powerful marketing source that connects your business to your customers and allows you to reach out to new ones.  Building your brand online will drive higher traffic and increase sales. Facebook has just updated their business page and here is what you need to know about it:


New layout/design of your timeline

There will only be one news feed stream, rather than two.  There are reorganized sections and headings for different parts of the page that you want to access

Right Side

includes your feed as well as all of the previous posts listed

Left side

features all of the basic information of your business. If you are a physical location then it will have an address, hours of operation, phone number, website etc. If you are just an online brand then it can include business information, services, apps, photos and videos



Admin Users Tools

“This Week”

far right column contains ad running, page likes, posts reach, unread and notifications. These are all of your useful tools to keep up to date with what is happening and manage your page


“Pages to Watch”

new function that allows you to add businesses that are similar to yours so that you can compare yourself with your direct competition. This will add a great analysis of where you stand in the industry, what to improve and what is going well. The page also highlights different page’s impressive news/posts that got a lot of engagement



Most of the editing tools are located in a tab on the top left that includes Page, Activity, Insights, Settings and Update Page


The new business page on Facebook is easy to navigate for customers and owners.  The editing tools gives admins leeway to customize the settings. This allows you to build your brand in an organized and effective way and the uniform format makes it easier for customers to engage in business pages.




Brewery Promotions for a Successful Father’s Day


In the US, there are currently 2,822 operating breweries.  With Father’s Day right around the corner, make sure your brewery is ready to bring on the dads! The industry growth over the past year shows that Father’s Day will be a hit.  Breweries should start promoting their venue to attract customers to come in for the big day.

Here are a few tips to bring business to your brewery this Father’s Day

  • Create an official event. This can be a week, weekend or day celebration.  Advertise outside of your brewery through banners or posters, flyers in the neighborhood and social media. Let all of the father’s know that your brewery is ready to celebrate their day.
  • Change up the daily special or normal menu. Some options are to have a drink-up for a certain time period or you can have special offers such as buy two get one free.  Another creative idea is instead of Happy Hour, you can change it to Dad’s Hour where you can add lower prices to your point of sale for the day.  You can also add some specific drinks aimed at the day- “A Real Father’s IPA” or “Dad’s Go To”, etc.Image
  • Offer gift cards for family or friends to purchase. Other offerings can be special beer products such as craft beers, gift baskets, beer glasses, bottle covers, shirts etc.
  • Image
  • Make everything about the “father”. Make sure to congratulate customers on their big day, add heroic dad pictures on the wall, and promote an environment for fathers to come together to relax and celebrate together.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to bring men together to take a breather from their family life and to bond with other dads. It is important for this to be a relaxed, friendly, happy event where the dads can form relationships and will want to come back to the brewery again. Making the dads into loyal customers can also be achieved through store card loyalty programs.Image

Happy customers are returning customers

  • Lastly, advertise a future event at the brewery for customers to look forward to the next gathering. This way, customers can check up on events going on or schedule to meet with someone there next time. This is another great way of building loyal customers.

Best Brewery Point of Sale 



New Years Resolution Promotions for your Juice Bar

New Years resolution season is a great opportunity to promote your juice bar or smoothie shop. The number one resolution that people set for themselves in the new year is to get in shape and eat better. This is a great opportunity to give your customers the tools they need to succeed and achieve their fitness goals.

Great Ways to Promote your Smoothie Shop During New Years

Loyalty Programs

Consider starting a loyalty program for your customers. This not only generates excitement about your juice bar but encourages customers to come back to your business. Gaining rewards points everyday is a friendly reminder that your customers are sticking to their new years resolution which makes them feel good.

Buy 10 get-one-free

You might remember this loyalty program run on punch cards. The problem with this is customers often forget, lose or you run out the little gridded cards. You can now use your smoothie shop pos system  to keep track of your customer’s purchases.

Mile Stone Loyalty

Using milestone loyalty you’re able to set up an exciting incentive program. As customers build value they can work towards new discounts. A great way to get customers to buy in larger quantities.

Loyalty Points

This is the simplest loyalty programs to implement. Points are earned with purchases, say each dollar equals one point. Their current point value is printed at the bottom of each coupon and redeemed at the customer’s choice.

New Years Resolution Promotions

Encourage customers to get registered with your juice bar for their new years resolution. If you have a juice club for retail sales a great way to generate interest is to offer promotional new years membership. This is a great way to give customers the option to start their new year off right with juice!

Contests & Resolutions

Another great way to promote your smoothie shop is to actually get customers and employees alike to make New Year’s resolutions in your business. Committing on paper is a good way to get people talking and spread that word of mouth on social media. Displaying them in your juice shop builds community and helps remind people of their resolutions.

Best Point of Sale for Juice Bars


Food Safety for Thanksgiving

This is probably not the way to go about Thanksgiving food safety, but you’ll want to make sure that your prepared foods in your market are. One of the worst ways to lose customers is through food poisoning or through under prepared food especially during a big holiday. Make sure that you adhere to these food safety guidelines this Thanksgiving.

More Food Safety Tips:

  • Make sure all kitchen equipment is up to standard and easily accessible
  • Use a reliable food thermometer
  • Help out your customers by including a quick food safety printout for storing and leftovers
  • Cook fresh turkeys within two days, thawed ones within four days.
  • Thaw the frozen turkey in the refrigerator. Allow one day for each five pounds of turkey. A twenty-pound turkey will take about four days to thaw. Hint: Remove neck & giblets from inside the bird as soon as possible to hasten thawing.
  • Stuffing should not be prepared a day ahead and the turkey should not be stuffed until ready to cook. A quicker, safer method is to cook the stuffing separately in a casserole, using some of the pan juices to flavor and moisten the stuffing.


Best Point Of Sale For Restaurants


Calculate ROI for your Restaurant Management Investments

This ROI formula infographic will help you calculate and visualize the ROI on your Restaurant’s investments. This will come in handy when evaluating the ROI for your marketing efforts, equipment and your restaurant POS.  

The elements that go into your return on investment for your business decisions vary. Find out more about measuring your return on investment for your own restaurant point of sale here.


Sports Bar and Grill Trends

 Sport bars are America’s haven to watch an exciting game with some of your friends and a couple beers. Now that we’re in full fledged football season, wrapping up baseball season with the world series, Go Red Socks! Go Cardinals! and basketball season starting in a couple weeks the nation is in peak sports watching season. Try some of these sports bar trends to set you apart from the competition.  sports-bar-interior-web

Sports Bar Technology Trends


With the advancement of technology comes the advancement of sports bar technology. This is one area to be sure not to ignore for your  sportsbar.

TV’s: Today it’s important the sports bars stay up to date on TV technology. Bigger screens for maximum viewing is a good strategy to take along with high definition (HD) in order to stay competitive. A pretty interesting app that’s being developed for sports bars specifically allows customers to tune into the game on their smart phones so they can hear the game too without multi-game noise conflicts.

NFL Network: Since the NFL network began broadcasting prime time regular season NFL games in 2006 the NFL network has become a huge go to for local sports bars. A great incentive for many sports fans all over the country visit sports bars is to view games that they can’t watch in their own homes. Offering all that the NFL Network has to your customers will ensure them coming in on game days.

Sports-book betting technology has gotten bigger in recent years especially with the rise in popularity of fantasy football, fantasy baseball and march madness brackets. If you’re in an area, such as Las Vegas, that allows it, adding a sportsbook to your business model will attract some additional revenue to your business.

 Sports Bar Menu Ideas


Many sports bar menus are beginning to diversify their food menu. Many find it lucrative to keep a full restaurant menu not only to appeal to a broader range of people but also to keep rowdy sports lovers fed and not running on empty. Some easy ways to do this is to expand what you’re already offering.

  1. Serving burgers and wings?
  • You can add some excitement to your sports bar food menu by adding an interesting sauce other than classic buffalo. Try Sriracha Lemon Pepper, or savory fried garlic and green onion wings. These cheap ingredients give you an easy cost effective way to keep up on industry trends.
  • Add some dimension to burgers by including other meat options: veggie, turkey, lamb, venison, chicken etc.

2. Unique bar food menu ideas

  • Update the classic jalapeno popper by adding bacon, old bay seasoning, or another type of cheese to the filling.
  • Have Nachos already on the menu? Try some carne asada fries to please a large crowd.
  • Bratwurst or gourmet sausages have become popular in many sports bar restaurants.
  • Or update your sides! Try an elevated mac and cheese, fried pickles, curly fries, seasoned onion rings, or even uniquely seasoned in house potato chips or peanuts.

Invite your customers to get in on the fun

Featuring fun sports bar games for customers to get in on the sports is a great way to get your customers engaged and create a space that people want to be at. Foosball, table hockey, karaoke, wii bowling, skee ball, sports trivia night, shuffleboard, darts, and beer pong have all been trending in sports bars across the country aside from the classic billiards or pool table.

Beer gardens

This is dependent on the climate of where you live but many sports bars are opening up beer gardens to let customers enjoy the game outdoors.

Along with enjoying the game in your beer garden a current growing trend is the popularity of craft brew. Try alternating some regional craft microbrews from some local breweries onto your tap menu.

Starting a Fair Trade Coffee Shop

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair trade coffee is coffee that has been certified as ensuring farmers of the coffee received adequate compensation for their fair trade coffee beans. Many times fair trade coffee is also organic.

Why Fair Trade?

This infographic from indulgy.com breaks down where the costs go for a typical cup of coffee, one being regular and the other fair trade.  Find out more about why and how your coffee business can get fair trade certified.