Point of Sale and Chinese Menu’s

Thanks in large part to today’s global economy many businesses need multi-language support from their point of sale system whether it’s due to location, clientele, or just stems from the want to grow internationally, multi-language support from a point of sale system is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for businesses worldwide. With many international clients Cafe Cartel Systems is perfectly positioned to help you with multi-language support for your point of sale system.

Chinese Menu's in Point of Sale

CCS makes it simple to toggle between languages on your menu with an easily accessible alt language button built right in to the POS software and supports languages such as: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, and Russian, among others. Ordered items will be displayed with both the English name and the name of the alternate language you select, all while supporting up to three languages at the same time. You can also select the seat number for each item ordered making it even easier to keep track of which customer ordered which item when the server returns to deliver the food. CCS really does make setting up multiple languages in your POS software a breeze.

Chinese Menu Seat Options

See this handy instructional video on how to set up Chinese in your system today.

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Point of Sale Catering Features to Take Advantage of this Holiday Season

With Halloween behind us the Holiday season is now rapidly approaching and with it means food, and lots of it. You can’t have a holiday without food just like you can’t have Christmas without Santa Claus or Halloween without a Jack-o-lantern. In the past few years the modern lifestyle has become ever more demanding, meaning that families and professionals have less time than ever to cook.

Source: foodswol.com

In 2013 alone the catering industry brought in a humongous $45 billion to the economy. Furthermore according to recent studies all signs point toward further expansion for the catering industry. At this pace some are expecting double digit growth continuing over the next 10 years. Clearly the modern lifestyle is responsible for the catering boom the restaurant industry has experienced in recent years.

With the holidays rapidly approaching now is the perfect time for you to capitalize on this trend. Of course if you want to make a dent in the catering marketplace you’ll need the menu and the point of sale system necessary to stack up with the competition.

Once you’ve got your holiday menu figured out here are some point of sale solutions for catering that will ensure you claim your piece of the $45 billion pie:


Schedule Dates for Cooking, Pick Up, and Delivery

When it comes to running a successful catering aspect to your restaurant nothing is more vital than remaining organized. Especially during the holiday season when you’ll be getting vastly different orders coming in at all hours of the day; and with each order needing to be completed at a different time having the ability to easily schedule dates for cooking, pick up, and delivery within your point of sale system can be the difference between whether you’re getting treats or coal in your stocking this year.


Create and Manage a Daily Task List for Head Chef

In that same vain your head chef will need to stay up to date on the latest orders and when they need to be worked on if they’re going to be completed on time. This feature is invaluable when it comes to your head chef being able to delegate assignments to the rest of the kitchen staff on a daily basis, ensuring each and every order is not only completed on time, but measures up to the high quality standards of your restaurant. Particularly useful for the holiday season when you’ll need to be completing large party orders on a strict deadline.


Keep Track of Your Inventory at all Times

Keeping track of your inventory is vital to the success of your restaurant all year long, but even more so during the mad rush of the holiday season. With people celebrating at different times throughout the season due to different family traditions you need to stay on top of your inventory at all times to ensure you have the necessary ingredients to complete each and every order.


Customer Profiles Help You Know Your Customers Like Your Chef Knows the Menu

Knowing your customers and how you can get ahold of them if an issue arises is a key to success in any business, but even more so when it comes to helping them keep alive some of their most valued family holiday traditions. Creating customer profiles with Cafe Cartel Point of Sale can even help you turn first time holiday customers into regulars with our loyalty program feature.

Suspend Order Payment Until Pick Up

The holiday season is not only a stressful one for restaurant owners and chefs, but their customers as well. Allowing your customers to suspend payment until they pick up their order is a great way to keep your focus on producing the highest quality product possible. From the customer standpoint not having to pay until seeing the actual finished product is a great way to put their mind at ease during a stressful season and will go a long way in turning them into regulars.

These features will help allow your restaurant to get the most out of it’s point of sale system this holiday season, ensuring you can focus on creating the memories that your festive food will give your customers for years to come.

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How CRM Data Can Improve Your Food Truck’s Loyalty Program

The food truck business has been booming in recent years and a large part of that boom is due to effective marketing through social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, Jon Favreau, the director of Iron Man, even directed and starred in a film about food trucks this year that was released to audience adoration and critical acclaim.

However, with every boom there must always come a bust. How can food trucks avoid the bust part of the equation you ask? By using the CRM data available in their POS software of course.

Food Trucks CRM

Source: greenteadesign.com

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM for short has become a hot marketing tool for business owners to keep track of their customers and more importantly their specific customer preferences.

Many small businesses use their CRM data to accomplish the big and small. Better customer insight has proven to enhance everything from marketing efforts, product development and even developing your in-store loyalty programs.

CRM Software and Point of Sale

With the value and knowledge that CRM data gives small business owners, point of sales systems, like cafe cartel, have begun integrating these tools into their software. Now CRM data is easier to access than ever before.


This will help you improve your profit margins by allowing you to get a better idea of what sells and what doesn’t and most importantly for businesses that are constantly on the move, foster customer relationships that help create brand loyalty. CRM functionality utilizes the latest technology to organize and sync customer profiles with sales, marketing, and customer service to help build a more positive customer experience. And all that is available right from your POS software. It doesn’t get much easier than that does it?

Here are some specific ways your food truck can use CRM data:


With the marketing aspect of CRM data you can track your efforts and see which deals are the most popular and therefore generating the most new business for you. Keeping track of which coupons you send or leave in different areas coupled with CRM coupon tracking is an easy way to learn which of your promotions in the most popular and will allow you to cater the deals to your customer’s behavior.


You can easily manage your customer email list. This comes in handy when mailing out promo schedules and keeping your customers up to date with the travels of your food truck. With the loyalty program tool you can even import your contact lists through an external app or site you already use such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

Customer Profiles

This tool enables you to build a database of your customers and keep track of their purchase habits to give you a better understanding of how to keep them coming back to the table for seconds. Through this tool you can track loyalty engagement, purchase history, and even demographics. All this will help you know how to appeal to your customers on a case by case basis.

  • You can create email lists and manage your text messaging campaigns (both of which are vital to the success of food trucks) based on customer profile information. You can even use sites such as Mobo Mix that help manage your mass text campaigns to export and import contacts.
  • Create new contacts easily by scanning your customer’s ID


Manage appointments, locations, and check for patterns to better serve your customer base. You can also import and export your calendar to better stay up to date while on the go. This will come in handy as well when managing seasonal promos and comparing sales numbers.

Gift Cards

The CRM component of your POS software is also where you can view and manage a customer’s gift card uses and values. This information will give you valuable insight into the purchase habits of customers and inform you how effective your gift card program is or isn’t.

Loyalty Program

There is nothing more important to a food truck’s survival than customer loyalty and with all this CRM data creating a loyalty program is easier than ever before. These tools allow you to appeal to customer preferences in addition to scheduling special “happy hour” prices or promotions that are built right into the software. After all happy customers make happy food truck owners.

Clearly CRM data could be an invaluable tool for food truck owners. So if your food truck’s POS system doesn’t come with CRM data, it’s time upgrade to one of CCS’s food truck POS system today.

How to Control and Manage Inventory by Recipe

For restaurants and bars, management and strict inventory control is vital. With the competitive prices of purchasing supplies and competitive prices of selling your product, there is no room for excess waste and avoidable mistakes. Gross margins are slimming down and inventory needs to tighten up to maximize profits.


– step 1: keep a detailed track of all inventory used during operations.  For bars this would be the amount of each bottle that is poured out for each drink, for restaurants it is all of the food ingredients that are needed for each recipe.

– step 2:  use the collected data to control and limit waste so that you decrease your product cost and earn more from your customer’s payments.


Goal: To optimize waste products by having a set system for preparing the meal, controlling the amount of ingredients used, analyzing usage results and determining and setting reorder points; all in an efficient manner.


Key for Success: Develop a Control System Through Your POSfoodservice-no-price

  • Input all of your initial inventory and their prices
  • Add all of the recipes and how much servings of each ingredient will be used
  • Also include additional notes for making the product- to make each recipe consistent
  • Use the POS system for customer orders/transactions
  • The recipes and precise amounts will show up to the cooks
  • At the end of a trial period, see what recipes were ordered the most, and what ingredients were used to decide the optimal reordering point to save money on excess products or from understocking.


The control of current inventory, use of measured supplies, analysis reports and set reordering points will allow the business to run in its full potential.