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Managing Theft at a Convenience Store

The secret recipe for a successful convenience store is to maintain “security” and “control”. Convenience stores deal with many scenarios of external and internal theft. External theft of robberies trying to take cash or products and internal of employees not following their obligatory duties.  Many stores are adapting a new system as a way to solve both problems simultaneously:

Cafe Cartel’s POS Surveillance System.



– limits available inventory (minimal theft loss and less temptation)

– the combined POS system matches purchases with camera

– simple and economical integration of both POS system and surveillance

– manages all administrative purposes to be accurate

– installed alert system keeps everything up-to-date for strict control

– promotes integrity in the workplaces


The Point of Sale System and the Surveillance feature provides a simple and economical integration to get you started right away. This is a powerful method to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the age-old problem of convenience stores.


Employee Scenarios:

– give a discounted price to customers that are their friends

– clocking out for other employees

– taking inventory for themselves

– not ID or scan a customer for age (alcohol and tobacco sales)


  • The system can be accessed through Android/iPhone streaming, has a built in DVR to use as a reference and comes with a high quality camera so that no misconduct goes unnoticed.

Cafe Cartel’s Point of Sale with integrated security system will alert you to these scenarios to prevent it from continuing.


Running a convenience store has been a huge risk and a stressful business for owners. Do not allow your business to suffer from theft and violations anymore and enjoy your earnings with this efficient POS surveillance integration.


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