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6 Tips to Maintain an Awesome Food Truck Instagram



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Young adults love to engage in Instagram and follow their favorite places. Create an Instagram to connect to your customer and keep them engaged. This is a great opportunity to have fun with your page while reminding customers of your venue, announcing new promotions, and encouraging customers to return.

Posting Tips: 

1. Close-ups

The meat of your Instagram should consists of mouth-watering pictures of the food you are selling. You want to remind your customers how delicious your food is and have them want to come back.  Take close pictures of freshly made food with different angles.

Instagram Tips for Food Truck Business   Google Docs

Feel free to get creative with your food items. Place your burger on the edge of a table with a view of a bay and place a funny caption. Or have your tacos on a skateboard facing a hill. This is a place to keep pictures fun so that you add followers to your page and keep viewers and customer entertained.


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2. Happy Customers

Show off your customers with your product. This is a great way to tell customers to add you on Instagram to increase followers and also show of the success of your product.

6 Tips to Make your Food Truck Instagram Pop   Google Docs


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3. Interactive Pictures

Throughout the working hours, take candid picture of customers purchasing your products. You can add pictures of the customers grabbing the food, deciding what they want to order or just socializing with food in their hand. Whatever you post, make sure that your food product visible in the picture and that your caption mentions what you are selling.



4. Promotions

When you have special deals or offers, Instagram is a great way to tell customers about it.  This is a great source to treat your loyal customers to some discounts to enjoy.


5. Contests

Create social media contests that will add more followers to your page. Tell people to promote your business by sharing content with their friends, and in return offer some sort of prize.


6. Big news related posts

If there is a major event that is happening you can definitely address it through the account. Make sure to keep all message positive and try to not over spam your newsfeed with too much information. Filter what is most important so that your followers do not get annoyed with the continous posts.


* Add hashtags to enhance your social presence and to get new followers. Relate the hashtag to the picture.


* For the best quality,use a professional camera and then send them to your phone to Instagram, rather than using a phone camera.


* Remember that whatever you post, you are representing your brand. You can keep your posts funny but make sure they are not offensive or controversial. This should be not hurt your image in any way.


* Be careful with filters. Do not post picture of your food give unrealistic colors to your product. It is better to use clear and light coloring where your product is most visible to the eye and where the filters do not take away the attention from the photo.

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