Asian BBQ

Asian Barbecue That Customers Will Eat Up

Asian cuisine is mainly based on rice, mixed vegetable and their meats! With that being said, there has been an increase in popularity with Asian and Korean BBQ. There are many recipes that can be incorporated into your menu to fulfill customer’s BBQ craving. Also, it’s nice to diversify your barbecue restaurant menu with a few Asian cuisine options.


The perfect summer eats:


Galbi, referred to as rib or galbi san modifiers as pieces of marinated meat, is a very popular dish for dinner meals.  Typically marinated in soy sauce, garlic and grilled is the perfect preparation for it. When finished preparing, it is mixed in with vegetables, sauces and can add other topping like sesame and green onion.  This creates a very flavorful yet healthier meal then most because it is not as greasy as other Asian foods.


Beef galbi has many other uses for meals, such as for soups (galbitang), short ribs and just steamed meat. All of these options are great menu items to add on.



Korean BBQ Galbi Short-ribs





Bulgogi is another token Korean barbeque meat where the dish usually consists of grilled marinated beef.  The marinade for these two dishes are similar, but the final meal taste so much different.  The difference between Bulgogi and Galbi is that this one’s meat is thin sliced and has a different cooking method. Bulgogi gets prepared  hibachi grill, broiled in the oven, or pan-fried.

The three main components to delicious bulgogi is 1. good cut of beef 2. special marinade 3. cooking method.

The good cut of beef refers to the quality and type of beef.  For the best taste, you must use marbled meats- steak examples are sirloin, tenderloin or skirt steak.

The marinade will separate your restaurant from others, so experience and test different recipes to find the best one. Lastly, the best method to cook the beef is to grill it over charcoal.  This will allow the marinade, its juices and fats to all drip off of the meat and onto the coals, burn there, and then the smoke that comes out with create that rich flavor for your meat.



Korean Barbequed Bulgogi Beef





Asian Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are great menu items that can be made quickly and in large quantities at once.  Especially when people come in for sports games or to watch events, chicken wings are crucial to your menu.  The perfect items for families and people of all ages.   They can be easily grilled, about 4 minutes on each side over high heat. If not grilled, it is very simple to marinate the wings and then place them in the oven for an hour and fifteen minutes under 375 degrees. Likewise here, the marinade is your signature ingredient that you want to develop to differentiate from competition and attract loyal customers.

Asian Sticky Wings diagonal 2


Asian Wings





Japanese Kobe Beef

The cooking instructions for the Japanese steak or roast starts with the preparation to be medium rare or rare. The delicious key of the dish comes from the tender, juicy, flavoring of the steaks aroma and taste. That is why it cooked very shortly and on light temperature. The goal is to keep all of the juices inside, that means avoid using a fork to easily form holes. The meat is very tender so it is important to keep the juices for the delicious flavoring.

The recommended cooking time is to set the oven on 450 degrees, then bake the roast for 15 minutes- until outside browns. Then reduce heat to 350 degrees and cook for another 15 minutes. Lastly, the most important step, allow the meat to sit for 10 minutes before cutting and serving.



Japanese Kobe Prime Rib Roast







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