Greetings to all! I would like to take a moment and dedicate this blog to the small business men and women out there that are working hard to contribute to their economy, create jobs, and following their dream of owning a restaurant. It’s not easy to be the boss, you constantly have to stay on top of yourself in order to succeed, in other words there is no one out there outlining exactly what you should be doing to reach your goals.

This blog is intended to offer advice and examples that will lend a hand in all areas that are small business related and if anything get the wheels turning to lead you down the right path.
These days you may notice a lot of rapid changes due to many factors, but that can all be traced back to advances in technology. These changes may have you feeling a bit bewildered when trying to stay ahead of the game.
A few examples is having an updated website, utilizing social media, automated services and machines. It may be a bit overwhelming trying to adapt to such advances, but in the end what a lot of these advances can do is give you more time and flexibility to focus on the aspects of business that will never be outdated. I’m talking about good old fashion business values such as great customer service, creating a positive customer experience, product and service quality. These advances can also assist you in keeping better track of your operations and providing better security.
Well with that I welcome you to my blog and hope that you find it helpful.



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