Citi Market Places switches from Sams4S to Clover to CCS POS

Lucia Pineda, owner and operator of Citi Market Places in Los Angeles needed to replace her aged Sams4s register. Like many business owners she wanted to something simple to use and cost effective. After doing research she found that the option to rent a solution was an option. And that she could pay monthly for the service. Her base amount she was looking at for renting was 100 per month for one terminal. So starting with a base of 100 per month her service fees begin to go more towards $200 per month. She decided on this solution out of necessity based on time.  Her investigation was minimal because there was little barrier to entry. After speaking with the POS company She was promised a solution by Clover and for what the base system didn’t offer she was offered to subscribe to monthly app services that would handle her additional needs.

Learning when to not take ‘Yes” for an answer

As she begin to apply what are standard functions for a Convenience store she found that Clover required multiple steps at the register to complete what should be automated processes in the POS.  For example, CRV required additional modifiers added on to the product. It also required manually figuring multiple of CRV. But then there certain other things her POS just couldn’t do: multiple bar codes or split pricing per item. And one of the very important things everyone sees at Convenience Stores: Grouping items for Quantity For example 3 different candy bars for the price of 2.  and another style:  buy 5 donuts for $3.00 (when normally they would be 1.00 a piece). And setting a price change based on a date range was also something she couldn’t do. For holidays an automated discount on marked down items had to be manually set and then changed back at the end.

In the end she did need another app to download for Clover, Calculator. Fortunately she didn’t have to rent that app from them. But she had to do a whole lot of Manual work.

So she then realized choosing the right application would take investigation and review. And so know armed with the knowledge of what to ask for she set off on a journey to fulfill her needs. She could speak the language of POS. She could identify the ease or difficulty of setting features an products. When she posed a question in her demos, she didn’t just take “yes” for an answer she needed to see from the setup of the product to the processing of sales to the end reporting. She understood it’s a process that should be easy to work with but requires a level of sophistication from the POS company.

Finally her journey ended in speaking with CCS POS. A product based Application, rather than SAS with monthly fees, yet with remote app capabilities. It handled all of the features she needed, including additional features she couldn’t afford by tying on more apps like Clover had. In short: she got a compete and contiguous system. With Clover and it’s app based method, she had to rely on many companies that provided the product with there own interface, and methods both in functionality. Also in provided or didn’t provide  services and modifications and training. With Clover it was more like you have 14 teachers each not talking to each other, and some don’t provide training. While with CCS you have 1 instructor, with one contiguous application that is built to be seamless and conclusive.
To see some of the features you can visit the youtube  channel for CCS at
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